Aftermath – Chuck Wendig

Be patient. Be strong. Fight back where you can. The Imperial war machine falls apart one gear, one gun, one stormtrooper at a time. The New Republic is coming. And we want your help to finish the fight.

I am a big fan of Chuck Wendig’s blog. Out of all the modern writers that I have read so far, I feel like I relate to the way he writes the most. We have a similar sense of warped humor & are both weirdos. He is obviously far more successful with those attributes, currently ^_^ Continue reading “Aftermath – Chuck Wendig”

The Blade Itself – Joe Abercrombie

“I’m still alive..”

I have to thank Corey for giving me the kick in the arse I apparently needed to finally begin THE ABERCROMBIE! I had bought The First Law trilogy boxset three years ago for my birthday & it has sat on my nightstand since then. Readgret, indeed! I owned Half a King also, because I knew Abercrombie was going to be an author I loved. Corey told me how much he loved the Shattered Sea trilogy & that he knew I would fall for Thorn Bathu (I DID), so I moved it up my priority tbr. Continue reading “The Blade Itself – Joe Abercrombie”