War Cry – Brian McClellan

Releases: 8.28.18.

Synopsis: On the high plains, war is life.

Teado has been a part of the war effort for as long as he can remember. His childhood was spent in the aircraft and ammunition factories until his power manifested. Now he is on the front lines, fighting the great war as one of the monstrous shapeshifting wizards that are all but extinct after decades of battle.

Behind enemy lines, Teado’s special operations platoon plays a deadly game of cat and mouse, sabotaging and demoralizing the enemy. But food is scarce. The enemy has pushed their main forces back further and their requests for resupply have gone unanswered. They will make one last dangerous bid for survival and, maybe, change the course of the war forever.

“The war began before I was born, and for as long as I can remember, someone had been telling us it’s almost over.”

I’ll try to keep this review fairly short, because.. well.. the book is tiny! Not only is it a wee little thing, but it’s an insanely addictive read & I don’t want to give too much away. As much as I try to keep my reviews spoiler-free, the less you know about this truly is for the better.

Brian McClellan is a recent new favorite writer of mine. I fucking LOVED The Powder Mage trilogy. I seriously cannot recommend it enough! I was pretty excited when I saw that he was going to have an upcoming novella set within a completely different world. I will read whatever he puts on paper, for real. His writing is dynamic & imaginative. He has this ability to bring something familiar yet new to the table. A brilliant skill for a writer to possess!

War Cry focuses on Teado (a name that I always read as Teebo, like the badass Ewok). Teado is a Changer – shapeshifting wizards that they use as weapons in the military. His platoon has been stranded for some time now, which means that food & supplies are becoming scarce. Morale is at an all-time low.

The juxtaposition of magic & military worked really fucking well here. The slower moments built up the story surprisingly well, especially considering this is less than 100 pages. The action was intense. The political intrigue is.. intriguing. I couldn’t get enough!

I am keeping my fingers firmly crossed that McClellan will expand upon this world more at some point. It’s too good not to!


(Thank you Tor.com Publishing for providing a copy before the release date, in exchange for an honest review!)

4 thoughts on “War Cry – Brian McClellan

  1. Excited for this and I’m glad you liked it! I loved the Powder Mage trilogy. I also highly recommend checking out his other trilogy, Gods of Blood and Powder trilogy – only two books out so far but both are fantastic! 🙂


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