Static Ruin – Corey J. White

Releases 11.6.18.

Synopsis: She killed the man who trained her. She killed the fleet that came for her. She killed the planet that caged her. Now she must confront her father.

Mars Xi is on the run, a bounty on her head and a kill count on her conscience. All she has left are her mutant cat Ocho and her fellow human weapon Pale, a young boy wracked by seizures who can kill with a thought. She needs him treated, and she needs to escape, and the only thread left to pull is her frayed connection to her father, Marius Teo. That thread will take her to the outskirts of the galaxy, to grapple with witch-cults and privately-owned planets, and into the hands of the man who engineered her birth.

“It hurts so fucking much. I don’t know how many times I can lose you.”

You may remember that I did an interview with author Corey J. White this past summer. If not, please check it out! I asked him if we could possibly expect a full-length prequel novel because I’m just not ready to say goodbye to Mars yet. Unfortunately, it sounds like the story of Mariam Xi is done. We are so fucking lucky to have her in these books though. She is such an incredible character! I mean.. she’s a fucking killer space witch.. with heart! I love her so goddamn hard ::sigh::

“There’s no such thing as ‘better,’ there’s only ‘different,’ and people hate what they don’t understand,” I say, leaving the cockpit behind to wander down the corridor.

And I don’t even understand myself.”

As much as I would want there to be more books within this world, White did a fantastic job wrapping up the story. Mars’ story. Oof.

Static Ruin picks up shortly where Void Black Shadow left off. Mars, Ocho (the weirdly glorious alien cat-thing) & Pale are still on the run. However, now Mars is looking for the man that made her. Her father. In many ways, this is the biggest challenge that she has had to face yet.

Much like the other two installments, this is brutal & emotionally charged; fast-paced & chilling; funny & violent. The VoidWitch Saga is beautifully diverse, well-written & has one of the most badass protagonists I have ever read. Pair that with insanely gorgeous cover art by the super talented Tommy Arnold & you’ve got quite the series. Just.. so fucking good!

I am a huge fan of The VoidWitch Saga & I will continue to shout about it whenever possible. Because you should read it already! DO IT!!


(Massive thanks to Publishing for sending me a copy!)

**The quotes above were taken from an ARC & are subject to change upon publication**

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