Siege Line – Myke Cole

Synopsis: The Gemini Cell has taken everything from former Navy SEAL James Schweitzer: his family, his career, his life. Schweitzer knows the only way he can stop running, the only way to keep his son safe, is to destroy the Cell once and for all.

But out of control and fighting a secret war against the government it once served, the Cell will not be destroyed easily. Its Director has been sent to the far reaches of the subarctic to search for a secret that could allow the Cell to seize control of the country.

Schweitzer must move fast and join with the elite warriors of both America and Canada in a bid to get there first . . .

“To die was to triumph over fear. Even after all this time, the Director marveled at how much fear had held him back. Death had liberated him from every limitation, unchained him from appetite, given him strength beyond his wildest dreams. He wished he’d started down this path much sooner. All that time wasted for what? Fear of the unknown, fear of a little pain, fear of fear itself, the rising panic as the body failed and darkness gathered.”

This is such a consistent series! I am genuinely surprised that it isn’t more well-known, especially now with the stunning Sacred Throne series blowing up the SFF scene.

I decided to read the series chronologically, rather than by publication date. Because I haven’t read the others yet, I can’t say whether or not this affects the reading experience. I recently saw on Twitter that Cole suggests that you begin with Gemini Cell as well, so there’s that. I’m digging my choice, so that’s all that matters!

The Reawakening trilogy takes place prior to the Shadow Ops books, within the same universe. As usual, I’m finding it hard to write a review for a book that is deep into a series without giving away too much.

This is a modern military fantasy series with science fiction elements. If it sounds bonkers, that’s because it is! In just the best way. It’s fucking intense with action, yet is surprisingly emotional. For instance, did I tear up at the Battlestar “so say we all” reference? I mean.. yeah. Of course I did! I’M NOT AN UNFEELING MONSTER!! I also loved the setting of this installment, but I may be biased. CANADA, FTW!

There is an underlining sense of dread throughout. It’s brutal & filled with tension, yet it’s written with just a ton of heart. It’s fun & fast-paced, the worldbuilding is intelligent, there are insanely bonkers action sequences & there’s a protagonist who isn’t the easiest to love, but love him you will. Or at least I did.

Reading the final page had me hoping there was more of Jim’s story. Since this was a prequel, I almost wish there was another series in-between to bridge the respective trilogies. Again, maybe my feelings on that will change once I begin the original Shadow Ops trilogy, but with how this ended I’m not sure how that could be. It wrapped up the trilogy quite well. Basically.. I just want more insanely radical zombie military books like this, goddamnit!



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