Your Favorite Band Cannot Save You – Scotto Moore

Releases: 2.5.19.

Synopsis: I was home alone on a Saturday night when I experienced the most beautiful piece of music I had ever heard in my life.

Beautiful Remorse is the hot new band on the scene, releasing one track a day for ten days straight. Each track has a mysterious name and a strangely powerful effect on the band’s fans.

A curious music blogger decides to investigate the phenomenon up close by following Beautiful Remorse on tour across Texas and Kansas, realizing along the way that the band’s lead singer, is hiding an incredible, impossible secret.

“I was obliterated, really. Just sort of crushed into atoms. And then without warning, something gathered me up in a deep, luscious embrace and reassembled me. I could feel it–I could feel her consoling me, sweeping away the emptiness, signaling the absolute fact of something greater than both of us just out of sight.”

Your Favorite Band Cannot Save You is a horror/sci-fi novella about a dude that has a music blog called Much Preferred Customers. His musical tastes are eclectic, so when he comes across a weird, yet intoxicating track by a band with no discoverable online presence called Beautiful Remorse, he knows he must get this mp3 out there into the blogosphere. It is unlike anything he has ever heard before. He coins the genre “allurebient,” which essentially could be described as seductively trippy. What he soon finds out is that this mysterious band will be dropping a new track daily over the next 10 days. He decides to join them on tour & quickly realizes that something comes over the listeners when they hear the music. As anyone that has fallen in love with a song knows, it hits you in unexplainable ways. No one person hears any one song the same way. It’s all so personal.. that experience. How you interpret it. What the impact is on you. But there is something else happening with these tracks that Beautiful Remorse are releasing. Something hypnotic, almost as if the listeners are possessed by a psychic energy during the length of the song.

I’m someone that is always listening to music. While I write, read, shop for groceries, on walks, prepping supper, etc. I was listening to The Bones of a Dying World by the brilliant If These Trees Could Talk while reading this &.. oof. It was the perfect accompaniment, in my opinion!

“The music speaks for itself.”

An alien-summoning cult, Lovecraftian monsters coming from the sky, blood sacrifices, psychic viruses, a passion for music.. Your Favorite Band Cannot Save You reminded me of the good bits of Bird Box, as written by China Miéville. It was fucking bonkers & I dug the hell out of it!

Funny, dark, weird. This was just so damn fun!

Scotto Moore has a radical debut on his hands & I look forward to reading whatever he releases next!


(Big thanks to Publishing for sending me a copy!)

**The quotes above were taken from an ARC & are subject to change upon publication**

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