Dead of Winter – Kealan Patrick Burke

Synopsis: Winter it’s coming… it’s already here, and with it comes a horror no door can keep out. It’s there in the yard, in the faces of the snowmen a young boy doesn’t remember building. It’s in the oddly empty streets below Santa Claus’s crumbling sleigh. It’s in the unnatural movement of the snow that suffocates a widower’s town, and in the cold eyes of a lonely man’s estranged children.

Here, there is no holiday cheer, only spine-chilling fear, in the DEAD OF WINTER.

“Jake thought he knew what it felt like to be that tree – immobile, rooted to the ground, trapped and powerless to do anything but stand by and watch the passage of time, unable to run away from the grief, the sorrow and all the dark things that sharpened the edges of life.”

Dead of Winter is not only the second seasonal assortment of short stories by Kealan Patrick Burke, but it’s the second book of his that I’ve read. I enjoyed this collection just a wee bit more than Dead Leaves, but both are wonderful & are a good place to start with Burke’s work. I’m also a huge fan of the recommended books list that can be found at the back of this collection, as well as Dead Leaves. My nerdy heart appreciates that added touch!

Dead of Winter is melancholic & sinister. It’s drenched in sadness. Much of the focus within this collection is on loss & the effects it has on you. Grief, loneliness, heartache.

Burke truly is a master of building dread. Unsettling tension mounting, while a visceral unease haunts each story. Bleak, yet poetic.

My favorites were:

  • Visitation Rights
  • The Quiet
  • Home

“Winter came, as harsh as grief..”

Dead of Winter is our worst fears.. come to life. One that takes hold of you by the throat in it’s icy grasp. Plausible, genuine horror.



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