Osgood as Gone – Cooper S. Beckett

Releases: 4.22.19.

Synopsis: Once an exciting up-and-coming star of the burgeoning paranormal investigation TV genre, now Prudence Osgood finds herself as a barely functioning alcoholic living in daily pain, both physical, from a car accident nearly twenty years ago, and emotional, from the loss of Audrey Frost, her partner and best friend, over an ill-advised hoax. When a random and cryptic email shows up in her inbox, she must begin an investigation that is far more sinister than it initially seems, and far more connected to the last two decades of her own life than she could ever imagine.​

Osgood As Gone cuts a trail from a lonely rest stop papered in missing posters, to a notebook full of symbols and sigils, to a band that could outsell The Beatles that vanished almost overnight. Can our intrepid hero Osgood follow the breadcrumbs, avoid texts from her one-night-stand Nora, make amends for the past, and still have a future? Find out in Osgood As Gone.

“Osgood shouts into the dark. No echo returns. She lifts her face back to the beacons. Beyond it, the sky is inky black emptiness, absent of clouds and stars, as though her world has shrunk down to only this place, swallowed up into darkness by some great leviathan, or cruising through outer-outer-space in a bubble of black. She startles herself by barking out a laugh that sounds more like a rough cough. A wave of relief washes over her as the laugh is reflected and echoes back to her.”

I was contacted by the author, Cooper S. Beckett, to review his upcoming novel, Osgood as Gone. I don’t accept many indie requests for one reason or another & I don’t normally read digital copies, but how could I say no to this?! I couldn’t. I mean.. firstly, IT’S QUEER AS FUCK. Yes, please! The concept is a bit of urban fantasy/horror/thriller. I’ve been branching out more within the urban fantasy subgenre lately (this is my second just this month), so that’s also rad!

Osgood as Gone is about Prudence Osgood, a purple-haired former paranormal investigative celebrity turned occult podcaster. She was in a car accident decades before when a semi plowed into her, nearly killing her. Now she self-medicates with drugs & alcohol. One day she receives a mysterious message that sends her & her assistant Zack on an investigation that involves a band & numerous missing people.

Osgood as Gone is a wonderfully addictive beginning to the Spectral Inspector series! It was refreshingly diverse, with a motley crew of characters that I dug a lot. Os is especially great! I clearly find myself drawn to the fucked up & flawed characters & she is certainly that. Also? I fucking adore Zack. What a cinnamon roll! HE MUST BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS!!

Cults & ghost hunters & conspiracy theories & cringey sex.. OH MY!! This was a wild, twisty ride & just a shit ton of fun! THAT ENDING, THOUGH.

Beckett’s writing is easy to fall into & I look forward to reading more from him!

“The drumbeats in the Hinterlands, Will lead me right to you…”


(Thanks again to Cooper S. Beckett for the chance to read this before it releases!)

**The quotes above were taken from an ARC & are subject to change upon publication**




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