Vultures – Chuck Wendig

Synopsis: Still reeling from the events of The Raptor and the Wren, Miriam must confront two terrifying discoveries: the Trespasser now has the power to inhabit the living as well as the dead, and Miriam is pregnant. 

Miriam knows her baby is fated to die, but Miriam is the Fatebreaker. And if the rules have changed for her nemesis, her own powers are changing as well. Miriam will do whatever it takes to break her curse and save her child. But as Miriam once again finds herself on the hunt for a serial killer and in need of an elusive physic, she can feel the threads of her past coming together—and the pattern they’re forming is deadly. 

To end the Trespasser’s influence in her world, Miriam must face her demon a final time. And, this time, one of them must die.

“Miriam is bound to an exam table. She is clothed. Her feet are in stirrups, bound there with a cruel swaddling of duct tape, the ankles elevated above her head. Her hands are fixed to a set of bedrails, also with tape–so much tape, it bulges, like a nodule, a tumor. Her arm, where the bullet cut through her, is already starting to heal up.

(And it itches something fierce. As if the injury is stuffed with crawling ants struggling to dig a colony in the meat of her body.)”

Well, here we are. All things must end, or so they say..

I think by now most people know that I fucking love this series. It’s for a plethora of reasons, really. But the center of it is.. well.. Miriam, of course. It’s Miriam. She’s the beating, throbbing, pulsating heart of it all. Always.

If you are reading this but you have yet to check out the other books.. FAIR WARNING! It’s wicked difficult not to talk about a few important plot points which come about from the prior threads that Wendig weaved throughout each installment.

This conclusion picks up six months after the events in the Raptor & the Wren. When I say the ending of that book shattered my heart, I fucking mean it. It was brimming with shocking twists. In Vultures, Miriam is knocked up & terrified of being in the situation she now finds herself. Not only that, but she knows the fate of the unborn baby & it’s.. not good. She takes a job with the FBI, while trying to finally put an end to the supernatural entity that has followed her throughout this journey – The Trespasser. The Trespasser is bigger & badder than ever before. Throw in a serial killer, FBI agents, Louis/Not-Louis, Gabby, a shit ton of birds & you’ve got an ending amped up to eleven!

This series may not be known for it’s deep emotional impact, but to me it has meant so much. In Miriam I saw a kindred individual. I saw myself. She is a character that I just connected with so completely. I mean, not fully completely because I can’t predict how you’re going to die & then try to save you or anything. Other than that, we have more than a few things in common. I’ve had relative strangers tell me how much I remind them of Miriam, which.. I take as a compliment whether it is meant to be or not. ::checks notes:: Yeah. Fuck it! I’m taking it as a major compliment! I’m not quite as angry as Miriam, because let’s face it.. I’m Canadian. However, we’ve both suffered immense pain & took our time learning to.. just love ourselves. To find a few fucks to give. On more of a surface level, we are both somewhat loners by choice, take no shit, have a dark sense of humor, love whiskey & are in possession of the foulest of mouths. So there’s that!

Also, let me just say how fucking thrilled I am to see bisexual representation in this series. It is so damn rare for me to see bisexuality in the books I read. Biphobia & Bi Erasure are very real, hurtful issues within mass media. It’s a subject that is vastly misunderstood & misrepresented. Diverse representation is important. Having a horse in this race, I can say empathetically that IT’S SO FUCKING CRUCIAL!!

I’m rambling. JESUS FUCK. It’s just difficult to write about the sixth & final book in a series that has struck such a chord with me. I could spend hours dissecting each & every little thing that I’ve loved about these characters & the insanely addictive way that Wendig writes. But I won’t. Just read the series. Devour the hard-hitting prose, the effectively short chapters, the monsters that lurk between the pages. Shove it deep within your brain meat!

Vultures is a near-perfect destination on this glorious ride. One that I am forever grateful for taking. Book after book after book is such a massive gut-punch! Sure, there are many intense horror elements & it’s super bonkers at times.. but there is also just so much fucking heart.

Thank you Chuck Wendig. Thank you for this series! The gory, grimy, wickedly brutal world. Your effervescent words. The humor that I adore. But mostly, thank you for Miriam. For writing someone that spoke to my very core.



(A fellow foul-mouthed, venom-hearted soul)

(Massive thanks to Saga Press for sending me a copy ages ago before the release date.. sorry for the delay! I truly couldn’t bring myself to read it at the time I received it. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Miriam!)



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