The World Maker Parable – Luke Tarzian

Synopsis: Guilt will always call you back…

Rhona is a faithful servant of the country Jémoon and a woman in love. Everything changes when her beloved sets the ravenous Vulture goddess loose upon the land. Forced to execute the woman she loves for committing treason, Rhona discovers a profound correlation between morality and truth. A connection that might save her people or annihilate them all.

You are a lie…

Varésh Lúm-talé is many things, most of all a genocidal liar. A falsity searching for the Phoenix goddess whom he believes can help him rectify his atrocities. Such an undertaking is an arduous one for a man with missing memories and a conscience set on rending him from inside out. A man whose journey leads to Hang-Dead Forest and a meeting with a Vulture goddess who is not entirely as she seems.

“They marched on through gnarled and twisted trees. Guilt nipped at Rhona’s heels like a hungry dog and her heart stung. It wasn’t supposed to have come to this.”

The World Maker Parable is a self-published novella by Luke Tarzian. Set within the same world as Tarzian’s debut novel, Vultures, The World Maker Parable serves as a prequel.

The mind can often be a terrifying place. It’s where we tend to feel the most comfortable, while also having the ability to completely fuck us up consciously or unconsciously. Existential anxiety, anyone?!?

The World Maker Parable is a rumination on trauma, morality, memories, guilt & redemption. It’s an unflinchingly brutal story that is at times difficult to read not only because of the dark & disturbing elements, but with just how complex it is. Easy & breezy this is not! Although the novella clocks in under 200 pages, I found myself taking longer than usual, allowing it to saturate my mind, my emotions. There was an urgent sense of what was going to happen next, except that I never felt rushed. The scope of this world is clearly something to be experienced. This novella may be bite-sized, however the impact is anything but.

“Blood paid was a debt owed.”

Conflict & heartache & mind-fucking & corpses.. (many, many corpses!) The World Maker Parable is grim, without a doubt. It’s also incredibly profound. When one feels as though they can no longer go on, yet they persist; when their world is turned upside down, yet they find a way to endure; when the fear of the unknown, of what was, what is & what will be seemingly shatters your very being.. yet you survive.

Told through multiple timelines, we follow two main POV’s. Rhona is first introduced when she is found leading Djen Shy’eth, her beloved partner, to a tree where she will be hanged for unleashing the Vulture Luminíl. Has her life been a lie, or was she right in defending her country over the woman she loved?

Varésh Lúm-talé, son of Ouran, is an Architect. Quite literally, he is a World Builder, a rank reserved for the most respected of Celestials. Wanting to rectify his wrongs, he is on a journey to seek out the Phoenix Mirkvahíl. Complicating matters further? He’s missing memories. Also? He completely loathes himself, which is one thing his conscience doesn’t let him forget.

If you are looking for a more in-depth plot outline, you won’t find that here. SORRY NOT SORRY! This is one of those stories where it’s difficult to summarize without giving too much away. It’s dark fantasy with a focus on mental health, extremely character-driven & a haunted quality to the writing.

There’s a certain beauty in the small moments & Tarzian captured that impressively here with his rich, descriptive prose. Painting an atmospheric, vivid forest of the hanging dead, a myriad of murdered souls & ash. The scent of fear & death lingering in the air. The reader is carefully immersed within this darkly imaginative world.

Luke Tarzian is making his voice heard in the indie fantasy scene & I am most definitely on this bandwagon!


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About the Author:

Fantasy Author. Long Doggo Enthusiast. Snoot Booper. Shouter of Profanities. Drinker of Whiskey. These are all titles. Luke is the Khaleesi nobody wanted and the one they certainly didn’t deserve, but here we are! He lives in Pasadena, California with his wife and their twin daughters. Somehow, they tolerate him.






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